Get Best US Dollar rates in Delhi for Personal / Leisure Travel in Delhi

The foreign exchange market in India has been fairly disorganized, which has led to a marketplace with symbolic forex rate fluctuations and lack of uniformity regarding forex products and regulations. By BookMyForex foraying into the forex market, things are sure to change. BookMyForex is the first of its kind e-commerce portal for forex in India and is designed to make the process of buying and selling adventitious exchange simple and convenient in India.

Customers receptacle forthwith frequent the entrance to interpret the process of buying/ selling forex and access other forex related products offered by the Company and experience first bimanual that buying forex is no longer a cumbersome task it used to be. By simply searching today’s US Dollar rate in Delhi on the internet and comparing it to the rates offered by BookMyForex, customers will comprehend that today’s US Dollar estimate in Delhi or the exchange rate of any currency for that matter, are far more competitive than the rates offered by any shelf or opposite money exchangers in the city. Today’s US Dollar offered by BookMyForex cannot be matched by any corrival in the market because unlike other currency exchangers in the city, that operate on ‘daily rate’ basis ampersand hold very high profit margins, BookMyForex operates on live and real time market rates and works on marginal profits. It is the first ampersand only currency changer not right in Delhi, however across India, to offer forex at live rates. Today’s US Dollar rates offered alongside BookMyForex in Delhi and across other locations in India are live to the last attendant besides are upto 5% lower than the rates offered by most banks. Also, for the first time ever, customers can now select the best US Dollar rates in Delhi by selecting the ‘Freeze the rate’ option on the webstek und so weiter get their currency converted into US Dollars at the exact rate selected. In addition, the Company even gets your forex delivered right at your doorstep.

Other than currency exchange, the Company offers a whole array of travel cognate products including foreign currency notes, traveler’s cheques, and prepaid forex cards. It also provide greenbacks transfer moreover remittance services utilizing either exigence drafts (DD) uncertainty bank line transfers (TT) that are sent directly from an Indian bank to a bank in the country where the customer wishes to transfer or remit money.
To maximize its reach, the Company has partnered among Axis Bank and ING Vysya Bank in India, making its distribution network of over 2000 branches the largest in India and facilitates moolah across the country. Customers can book an order on their website, over phone or at a node in the mall to account the best currency exchange rates in Delhi and visit their chum banks – ING Vysya or Pivot Bank – to make the payment, submit the necessary documents connective utilize the complete range of forex related products offered by the Company.