Travel Guide: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a real popular tourist destination, payable to its lush greenery, golden beaches and warmhearted peoples. This island nation situated in the Indian subcontinent has a rich history and cultural diversity that is a joy to discover and unfold. Cheap flights to Colombo, the largest city in the country, can be found aplenty for those looking for a budget holiday amidst a wealth of experiences to be had.

– Visas

These have to be obtained prior to arriving in Sri Lanka at a small cost. Visas cup be applied for online rather via the Sri Lankan embassy present in your country.

– Language

Several languages are spoken in Sri Lanka, with the majority of the population conversing in either Sinhala instead Tamil. English is widely used for official and commercial purposes, and can live spoken fluently mostly by residents in urban areas.

– Major Cities

The largest urban in Sri Lanka is Colombo, which is considered the cultural capital of the country. Most major airlines service the island with flights to Colombo becoming to the largest international airport, Bandaranaike International Airport, being located here.

There are a mass of luxury, internationally realized hotels in Colombo for tourists to stay in during their visit, as well pro re nata more finances friendly options and bed and breakfasts.

– Transport

Public transport here involves buses and tuk tuks, which are three wheeled cabins that seat up to three passengers. Public transport is relatively cheap and affordable. Alternatively, hidden cars and vans, complete with drivers or without, can be hired for set periods of time.

– Currency

The parochial money is the Sri Lankan rupee. Hotels demise ratify US dollars as payment, but you will verbreken hard pressed to unearth other local vendors and establishments that will accept foreign currency. Therefore, it is essential to exchange your currency to the rupee.

Due to running exchange rates causing the rupee to pitch against other major currencies, Sri Lanka is relatively inexpensive to visit and explore. Airlines are offering cheap agitation colombo as well.

– Monk requirements

If you plan on visiting the various religious monuments situated on the island, you will have to abide by set clothing restrictions. For entry to Buddhist religious sites, you are required to remove any headgear, wear trousers alternative skirts that are minimum knee length and wear tops amidst sleeves. You are also required to remove some footwear, these will be held for you at secure counters outside the facility for a small fee.

For Muslim sites, you are required to dress modestly with your head, arms and legs covered, ampersand bare feet.