Useful travel tips for Australia

Australia is one of the most popular migrate destinations in the world. Australia’s stable political system, well-maintained roads, low crime rate and high standard of health care make it a relatively easy and safe land to explore. The country is engorged with incredible natural beauty from Uluru, to the outback, pristine white sand beaches, rainforests, and, of course, the Great Barrier Reef. Still it’s important to be aware of some empirical tips such as currency, how to rap home, shop responsibly, keep safe and travel with a disability before you pile ready to go there. Below are some useful Australia travel tips.


Australia’s currency is Australian Dollars and currency exchange is available at international airports, hotels and banks. The most frequently accepted credit cards are Bankcard, Diners Club, MasterCard, and American Express.

Typical Costs

* Accommodation: Hostels cost almost $20 – 35 USD per sundown for a dorm room and $65-100 USD to nighttime for private rooms with a wraith bed. Camping expenses between $10 – 20 per night for a spot that can either be for a lodge or car.

* Food: Food isn’t cheap in Australia. Most decent restaurant meals cost $20 USD or more. If you cook your meals, expect to maintenance $70-80 USD by week. An average restaurant feast will run you about $15-20 USD for no frills eating. Most offer meals each night for around $6 USD if you are staying in hostels.

* Transportation: Local city trains and buses price $2-3 USD. Passes begin at $107 and get away all the way to $2,500 USD .The easiest way to see the realm is via Greyhound. There are also backpacker buses like the Oz Experience that have passes starting at $300 USD. The most popular and cheapest way to travel is to drive yourself. Due to limited competition flying can be very expensive, especially when going from coast to coast.


You’ll dig up arcades, large department stores, arcades, gift and souvenir shops, and malls across Australia. Trading hours vary across the country but shops in city connective tourist areas are generally susceptible until 6pm, with the exception about late night shopping on either Thursdays or Fridays in different states. You are covered by Australia’s consumer protection laws in Australia which require businesses to attend you fairly.


Australia’s official language is English but being a multicultural nation with a significant migrant indigenous you jug enjoy a tremendous diversity of cultures and languages.


Australia’s country code is 61. Local calls from public pay phones are untimed and charged at AUD$.050 but mobile, long distance and overseas calls are habitually timed. Network coverage is available across Australia just coverage likelihood be limited in some remote areas. Internet access is widely available at accommodation, internet cafes and libraries.

Goods and Services Tax

Australia has a Goods and Services Tax of 10 per cent. However, you may be able to claim a refund of the GST paid on goods bought here if you have effete AUD$300 or more in person store. Tourist Refund Scheme facilities are located in the departure area of international terminals.

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