Using Music to Trigger Travel Memories

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Music has the power to vividly transport you back to a time and place. You could be anywhere in the world and the simple act of a song coming over the radio brings in feelings and emotions strong enough to change your mood for the good or the bad. The ability for sound to trigger these feelings is amazing.

Music can trigger great travel memories

I listen to music a lot. Often with my music on random, playing either through internet radio or from my library, a song will come on and I am instantly taken back to somewhere on my previous travels. Sometimes I feel a little sad that the moment has passed, sometimes it leaves me feeling elated but I love to remember and it helps me feel good about my life and where I am heading.

This has lead me onto an idea. Remembering and paying thanks for our life is a good thing. It helps us keep a perspective and balanced view of the world. Helps us feel grateful and get through slumps. When I remember everything I have done I remember how much I love my life and my chosen nomadic lifestyle. This is just one reason why music rocks.

My idea is simple. Instead of just waiting for music to come on why not start compiling certain trigger songs into playlists. This can easily be done through iTunes or with any service in use such as Spotify. Having access to a travel memory playlist could be a really cool thing to have and maybe even more fun to put together.

So what’s going on my list? Here are a few:

Hey Ya by Outkast – Reminds me of Andorra in 2002

Andorra was just a holiday with friends back in 2002. It was my first time snowboarding and we had an amazing time drinking far too much! Hey Ya takes me right back.

I Lost My Baby by Jon Le Loup – Reminds me of Montreal, 2007-2009

I was first introduced to the amazing artist Jon Le Loup when I went to live in Montreal. Although many songs remind me of specific Montreal events from my 2 years this song really lines itself with the city itself for me.

Where is my Mind by The Pixies – Remind me of Cairo – 2009-2011

I used to go work in local cafes during my time living in Cairo. I would sit on my laptop listening to music and enjoy the chaos of Cairo going on around me. Each and every day in Egypt had something insane happen and it used to leave me with a half smile almost constantly! I would listen to a lot of Pixies songs (still do) and this song being about being crazy for some reason aligned itself with my time there!

What are your travel memory trigger songs?

What songs remind you of your travels and do you think compiling them into a playlist is a good idea? Do you take time to give thanks to and remember your past travel experiences?

I’m looking forward to your¬†comments.

I'm a Digital Nomad. I can't get enough of experiencing new places and keeping my lifestyle minimal to ensure I can easily move to my next abode. Maybe one day i'll settle but right now I can't see that happening!


  1. Melody

    March 22, 2013 at 5:17 am

    So I randomly came across your blog.. I think from a comment on someone else’s blog, but now I have like 25 tabs open, of all posts of yours I am going to read… they all seem so interesting!

    I make montage videos of each segment of my travels, and one of my favorite parts is coming up with the music that reminds me of that time, it IS a great feeling!

    • Forest Parks

      March 22, 2013 at 5:24 am

      Hey Melody, thanks a million for swinging by.

      Music is always tough when sharing because you want to show people all the music you consider the best :) too!

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